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Backup Migration Considerations

You’ve got a right to be worried. Your company’s data is at stake, and there’s few assets that are more important to a business. Usually organizations don’t opt to change backup solutions because they want to, rather it’s more likely that they’ve been forced into the situation due to a specific issue. Possible Reasons for

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Russian Cyberattack on Germany Media

There has been a lot of talk about Russian hackers targeting the NATO, telecom companies, energy suppliers, and elections. Now the German public TV channels ZDF and WDR have been hit, too. The attacker: Sandworm. The victims: German media companies Hacks are ever so common nowadays. It’s really hard to keep track. Most people probably

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20% of the world 502 largest websites do not use HTTPS

The 24th of July was a big day for Chrome users – and probably a crazy busy day for server and website owners everywhere: Google began shipping Chrome 68 which flags all sites served over HTTP as being “not secure”. Pages that do not use the https protocol will be shown like below from now on:

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People are weak points: Are employees an Achilles heel?

No firewall or antivirus program will help against these attacks. What we’re talking about here is social engineering. The scam is as old as the hills, but it still works a treat. Employees download malicious files, click phishing links, chat with hackers, and reveal their colleagues’ contact details – social engineering is a true classic

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Firefox throws the book at malware (too hard)

Mozilla’s Firefox browser fails to give the user one very important option when it flags suspect files – and this throws some shade on the browser’s identification of malicious downloads. Surfing is just the start As a browser, Firefox does more than let you surf the internet and download your heart’s desire. It also checks

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Data breaches are everywhere – and so is your data

Two of the biggest online shops for electronics in Austria have apparently been hacked and everyone’s data is at risk. According to a mail sent around by e-tec and DiTech, Austrias biggest online shops when it comes to EDV products and home electronics, some illicit individuals may have hacked their databases last week and stole

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